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Bob Zeng

Bob Zeng

A positive, energetic and experienced agent, Bob has been achieving exceptional results for his clients between his sharp 
negotiating skills and mastery at fuelling competitive auctions, closing tough sales and securing record-breaking prices, 
it’s easy to see why. 

As hands on Director,Bob feels compelled to pour his successful experience on your sales campaign after all the agents 
skill set and work ethic will have the complete bearing on your final sales price.

This ultimately provides total quality control for the sale of your home, as the owner is directly involved in your sale. In this 
instance Bob represents the elite sales people in the industry to ensure quality control in the process.

Bob has led his large team to become the fastest growing Harcourts Sales Office in Victoria since 2017.His extraordinary 
skills – stemming too from a competitive nature that loves seeing buyers battle it out and send prices upwards – have also 
led to a large collection of prestigious, personal industry awards. 

However, Bob remains very down-to-earth. He mentors his sales team with a genuine desire to see them prosper and 
succeed and works closely with his associate agents, Brian and Michael, unparalleled reliability, and attentive approach 
to customer care ensure clients are very well looked after.

Bob understands and respects people’s individual needs and is instrumental in ensuring they’re met. His fun, casual and
transparent approach also instantly puts people at ease. 

His secret to success is simple: outstanding property presentation combined with an effective pricing strategy, honesty 
and integrity, attention to detail, 6 star customer service and putting his clients best interest first. He thinks outside the 
square and brings both a wealth of experience and a love of people to all his dealings. 

For a positive stress-free real estate experience, please call Bob


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